More Death in Ideal Liberal Conditions

More Death in Ideal Liberal Conditions

Washington Navy Yard Shooting is Just the Latest to Occur in a Gun Free Zone

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Updated @ 10:49 a.m.
AR 15
The AR-15: the weapon initially believe to have been used in the Washington Navy Yard shootings. The FBI has since confirmed that the shooter carried only a shotgun and hand guns.

13 Americans are dead at the Washington Navy Yard, Save Jerseyans, and at least as many are still in critical condition. They need your prayers and so do their families.

The rest of us, however, need to confront a politically incorrect truth: this massacre, perpetrated with firearms, occurred in an ideal liberal gun control environment.

Break it down: Washington Navy Yard is an effective gun free zone. Only the authorities are permitted to have guns there. In fact, thanks to the Clinton Administration, U.S. military base personnel aren’t even allowed to carry personal firearms onto base except where there is “a credible and specific threat against personnel in that region barring a specific, localized threat. Gun laws aren’t exactly lax outside of the Washington Navy Yard either; they’re actually among the strictest in the nation. Several gun makes are banned, extensive background checks are required, and magazines with more than 10 rounds are illegal. Had it not been for the D.C. v. Heller decision, Save Jerseyans, handguns would be unwelcome in the District of Columbia, too.

And guess what? After it was a initially reported that an “assault weapon” was involved in the shooting, the FBI announced today that the shooter was armed with only handguns and a single shotgun.

Like I said… when the Washington Navy Yard’s personnel were going to work on Monday morning, their work environment was absolutely everything liberals tirelessly exalt from their pulpits as the answer to mass shootings immediately after one happens.

And yet in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, several schools across the country and another military base in different part of the country, mass shooters continue to find a way to kill.

And what do these locations have in common? With the notable exception of the attempted assassination of former Rep. Gabrielle Gifford (D-AZ), all of these highly-publicized mass shootings were perpetrated in gun free zones.

How much more excruciatingly obvious could it be that banning the public from bearing arms only succeeds in disarming the folks who we’d WANT to have protection when bad or crazy people show up with their own weapons?

Not obvious enough for the Left.

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-California) didn’t even wait for the dead to be removed from the crime scene on Monday afternoon before calling for more gun control legislation… once again as the alleged suitable response to a mass shooting… committed in yet another gun free zone

Sorry, Senator, but at least 13 people died yesterday in a near-ideal liberal gun control environment. The Left’s solutions to this country’s problems are simplistic, cynical, and completely discredited. The jig is up once and for all. We’re not falling for it anymore. 

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