Please stop using kids to push politics. Okay?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Have you seen this? From last week’s Trump Pensacola pep rally?

Since your Blogger-in-Chief has a longer memory than most, I still remember when the Trumpies recorded in attendance above ^^^ where blasting the Obamaphiles for this travesty:

Both incidents SHOULD remind older readers of something foreign and terrible, from a Cold War of our past:

Real men don’t hide behind kids, Save Jerseyans.

It’s cheap, emotionally-manipulative, and yes, more than a little creepy. Says a TON about the campaigns cults using them, too. So just don’t do it!


3 thoughts on “Please stop using kids to push politics. Okay?

  1. If memory serves, Marco Rubio also did time as a cheerleader – though obviously not for the Trump campaign.

    So tell us, Matt….has Marcus Rubrumious sprouted chest hair yet?

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