REPORT: Redistricting amendment dead (for now)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

SCR-188, the Democrat leadership’s outrageous one-party rule constitutional amendment, is allegedly where it belongs (in a grave) after a large-scale media, academic, and bipartisan uproar, Save Jerseyans:

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean (Union, Somerset, Morris) and state Senator Ronald Rice (D-Essex) issued a joint statement this afternoon:

We thank all of the outside experts, pollsters, professors, minority population representatives, grassroots organizations, nonpartisan policy professionals, editorial boards and residents of all political affiliations who in short order over the holiday season took the time to help us stop this dangerous, misleading and overtly partisan constitutional amendment.

“We are now committed to working together on a bipartisan solution including the public from the start. Our solution will improve New Jersey’s legislative redistricting process, in and turn, increase voter participation and influence over their state policies, which impact their daily lives.”

It’s a huge albeit temporary victory for N.J. democracy, folks. 

Next? Working to fire the hacks who hatched it.

In less-good news, the pension amendment did pass. Our battle continues…


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  1. Any chance we can push for a better mid-decade redistricting or will we have to wait for the Evenwell decision?

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