REPORT: Bramnick ready to follow Christie onto Trump Train

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Will they all fall in line?

POLITICO New Jersey quotes GOP Assembly Leader Jon Bramnick as expressing readiness to endorse Donald Trump any day now:

Asm. Bramnick remains Chris Christie’s most ardent elected ally in the New Jersey Republican Party so few would be surprised if he follows the Governor’s lead.

More surprising to some, as POLITICO’s Matt Friedman pointed out on Twitter late Sunday night, is Bramnick’s willingness to embrace a candidate who famously bucks the Union County resident’s affinity for civility in politics:

The only two New Jersey legislators to have backed Trump publicly to date are state Senators Mike Doherty and Joe Pennacchio.


4 thoughts on “REPORT: Bramnick ready to follow Christie onto Trump Train

  1. Now, as to this article, Brammick, long with Christie lost 4 Assembly seats last year. He ought to be concentrating on NJ, like our Governor should have been last year. Brammick needs to think twice before doing that because his own chances of becoming Governor will go right down the tubes. Brammick needs to watch Christie’s drubbing at the hands of George Stephanopolos yesterday and decide if he wants to be connected to that kind of hypocrisy.

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