OPINION: BCRO should bypass convention to renominate DeNicola

By Giancarlo Ghione | The Save Jersey Blog

While the 2016 focus remains on the presidential election, Save Jerseyans, Bergen County Republicans are digging in to protect the last remaining seat in county government. 

Just a few short years ago, we held the County Executive, Clerk, and Sheriff’s offices as well as five freeholder seats, but a failure of leadership has led to only two freeholder seats, one of which is not seeking re-election.  However, before a convention could even be held, Freeholder John Felice got cold feet and will not be seeking another term.  

We also all know what happened to Sheriff Michael Saudino.

maura denicolaThat is why it is imperative that we do everything to protect our last incumbent. 

Freeholder Maura DeNicola is someone we must we reelect, and Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi wasted no time to point out her importance suggesting, at a recent BCRO meeting, that we bypass Maura from having to go through the rigors of a convention. It’s a logical suggestion given the circumstances. With six candidates, let the other five battle for two spots without dragging down a proven vote-getter. Our candidates are qualified no doubt; they include a former freeholder, a famous actress, a long-term councilman and a man dedicated to the principles of liberty, but they lack the status that comes with being a two-term incumbent who was the top vote-getter the last time they ran.

DeNicola, the Board’s voice of reason, seeks her third term this November. While it would be nice to have an incumbent running mate, if anyone is can and will of win without such a partner it is Maura. Maura is Brilliant.  Maura is honest.  Maura is compassionate.  And most importantly, Maura is guided by her moral compass. 

A Democratic sweep is possible this year. Without DeNicola on the ballot, I would even say it is probable. That’s why, just as Assemblywoman Schepisi suggested, it is important BCRO backs DeNicola through a vote of acclamation.  We, the party, nor DeNicola should have to worry about a convention. While most feel it is unlikely she would not get the line, stranger things have happened.  But most of all, a vote of acclamation will show our support for DeNicola as we gear up to get her that third term she deserves. 

It’s time to get behind DeNicola and hit the ground running for the 2016 campaign cycle for the sake of Bergen County and the BCRO


5 thoughts on “OPINION: BCRO should bypass convention to renominate DeNicola

  1. In violation of the bylaws, precedent, and all semblance of democratic norms? Why would a candidate as stellar and capable as described be concerned with a convention? Should all incumbents always be automatically renominated? If Saudino switched back to Republican tomorrow he should be spared a convention and given the line? There is a reason things are done as they are, the Freeholder should embrace the convention as a chance to tout her record and accomplishments, if an incumbent is afraid to stand for election in front of their own county committee, why would we think them prepared for a General Election?

  2. Not even close to the point. Any such move would be subject to a vote of the County Committee who would have no issue I think. The point is why do something as silly as force our proven incumbent through an intra-party war? It is a showing of unity, showing desperately needed

  3. ?? So the argument here is why not ask the County Committee to vote on whether the County Committee should vote on a County Committee appointment ?? I agree with you, they should.

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