POLL: Would you trade hiking the gas tax for killing the estate tax?

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

gas-pumpNew Jersey is one of only two states to hit its residents with both an estate tax AND a separate inheritance tax, Save Jerseyans. It’s amazing anyone stays.

After all, people are quite literally dying to leave!

Our question for you: as bipartisan support builds for an estate tax repeal, would that ‘break’ enough for you to consider an offsetting gas tax increase to replenish the transportation trust fund? Or does it remain a non-starter for you?

Don’t be shy…

Tell us what you think:

Could you deal with a gas tax hike if the estate tax died?

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16 thoughts on “POLL: Would you trade hiking the gas tax for killing the estate tax?

  1. No I would not trade but that is not the question on the poll. The question is could we stomach a gas tax increase with the trade. It’s a rotten deal. Raise the gas tax of needed but not with another tax break to the richest 4%.

  2. I so enjoy watching the little “Save Jerseyans” pipe up with opinions about which nobody in Trenton gives a fiddler’s fuck.

    Any of you rocket scientists give any thought to the irrefutable fact that New Jersey is doomed to go the way of California and that perhaps – just perhaps – you ought to consider making your way to the lifeboat deck?

    Just askin’

  3. The estate tax often destroys small businesses when a principal of the business dies. It is not about the rich. That is not where most of the money comes from. Beside the fact why does the government get to tax value after the income was already taxed???

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