UPDATE #2: Citing public feedback, Cardinale drafting broader concealed carry bill

UPDATE #2: Citing public feedback, Cardinale drafting broader concealed carry bill

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

CardinaleYour voice matters, Save Jerseyans.

Never doubt it.

After many of you let state Senator Gerry Cardinale (R) know you weren’t happy with the narrow scope of his concealed carry legislation, the veteran legislator issued a statement this afternoon announcing his intention to draft a new, broader companion bill:

The introduction of S-1982 created a public ground swell of overwhelming support for extending a similar ‘right to carry’ opportunity well beyond judges and legislators. I have introduced such proposals in the past (such as the ‘Citizens’ Protection Act.’) There was never enough critical mass of public support to move my legislative colleagues to address the issue.

“In light of the public reaction, I am having companion legislation drafted to S-1982 that will allow anyone who passes a background check, similar to that for superior court judges, to likewise bypass the overreaching court-imposed, un-American ‘justifiable need’ provision of our present law.

“I do expect that gun-control extremists will continue to oppose this common sense proposal. For this issue to have a chance for passage, it will require those who support our cause to be as vocal to their own legislators as they have been to me.”


7 thoughts on “UPDATE #2: Citing public feedback, Cardinale drafting broader concealed carry bill

  1. Pass same back ground checks as superior judge all well and good but it your denied in jersey you’ll never get carry permit anywhere your listed as being turned down so your fucked and yes need to get democrats out of trenton

  2. That’s not true. I have been denied CCW in nj and have never had an issue getting my CCW in Florida or Utah. Thy want us to be scared to be denied… It means nothing. The more of us applying and getting denied shows that nj has the worst approval rate in the country. Right now they have a low denial rate due to low applicants!

  3. Truly hope you are unsuccessful! Open carry laws discriminate against the majority of citizens who feel irresponsible gun owners post hate and threaten everyone with their exposed phallus’! Remember what they say about men with guns, they probably l”acking somewhere else”!

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