UPDATE: Cardinale clarifies concealed carry legislation after uproar

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

gunState Senator Gerald Cardinale has been a favorite villain of the anti-gun lobby for many years, Save Jerseyans, but when he proposed a relatively modest gun bill this week – one allowing New Jersey judges and legislators to carry concealed hand guns – he took flak from both Left and Right.

Liberals like anti-gun activists Bryan Miller complained that it was pointless. Gun rights activists argued that judges and legislators shouldn’t be afforded right denied to average citizens.

Cardinale responded by trying to clarify his intent on Tuesday.

“My current introduction of a very modest modification of the case law definition of ‘Justifiable Need’ has already revealed the anti-gun lobby as opposing the basic human right of self-defense,” the veteran legislator explained in a statement. “There is no realistic probability that judges or legislators will misuse guns, but opposition by Miller and other anti-gun activists to my proposal is quite revealing. On the other hand, many pro-self-defense supporters are upset that my proposal is so narrow. They understandably want equal treatment.”

“For many years I have proposed ‘shall issue’ reform carry legislation applicable to all. But my legislative colleagues have rejected considering carry legislation reforms that have promoted self-defense and simultaneously reduced gun crime in Florida, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and some 30 other states,” Cardinale continued. “S-1982 at least has reopened the debate. I respectfully request the opposition from both sides re-read the entire bill, not just the headlines.”

“Consider carefully, if King George had thought to successfully impose gun control on the 13 colonies, 1776 would be just another uneventful date in history. America owes its freedom to citizen gun ownership.”


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7 thoughts on “UPDATE: Cardinale clarifies concealed carry legislation after uproar

  1. Never even had a gun, don’t know how to shoot a gun, too much work to go after people who actually did something wrong but trample on the innocent and if you speak up harass and slander the hell out of them ruining life itself and only filed for a license after years of no help and entry into my residential unit with witnesses just ignored; the stalker even came into the new city and violated my residence. Never even heard back. All for the stalking liar due to the gang theory…if one lies, the other will follow suite; lets emotionally rape the woman as we have the gang and she better not even cry out or say anything as they can write up crazy…what …………….

  2. No realistic probability? What about the Neptune cop’s realistic probability? There’s no realistic probability that I’ll misuse a gun . But I can’t carry one. If you want the law restored to the Constitutional level to which it belongs, you have to change the make up of the legislature.

  3. Stupid Bryan miller doesn’t even live in new jersey, why would we need his opinion.

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