Loretta Weinberg’s lack of self-awareness in the smart gun debate is stunning!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

When Loretta Weinberg (D-37) resurrected her “smart gun” bill last year, Save Jerseyans, I gave you three detailed AND irrefutable reasons why it’s irredeemably dumb.

loretta weinbergUnfortunately for New Jerseyans’ freedom and security, the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee is also irredeemably dumb.

It released S-816 on Thursday morning, legislation that if signed by Governor Christie (I doubt it will, by the way) advances the goal of forcing New Jersey firearm retailers to sell “smart guns” by replacing the mandate that only smart guns be sold. Now they would have to carry at least one smart gun in the store.

The original 13-year-old law mandates the sale of ONLY smart guns three (3) years after they become available on the firearms market. Advocates for the change blame the old law for holding up development. You couldn’t make this stuff up!

I could once again impeach the technology itself and even the premise that it would address a real problem (hint: it won’t!), but here’s something else worth considering: if Leftist intervention indeed backfired here, why can’t they comprehend that government intervention in the free market is a losing proposition? Even pertaining to the causes that motivate them? In this case, by allegedly delaying the development and implementation of a technology they consider useful for society?

Their lack of self-awareness is as disturbing as the substantive ideas themselves…


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