Monmouth Poll: Trump has a base problem!

Monmouth Poll: Trump has a base problem!

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

It might seem like an obvious enough point without even consulting polling data, Save Jerseyans, but the results of a new Monmouth University Poll out Thursday confirm that it’s Donald Trump who has a base problem.

christie trump“These results represent the electoral landscape before the general election campaign gets underway. This dynamic will certainly change, but it is telling that both parties’ leading candidates come out of the box with voters holding largely negative views of them,” explained Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. “The personal ratings are really the most important findings here. Both Clinton and Trump have seen their positive ratings hold steady over the past few months while their negatives have increased. Trump’s rating has been more volatile and it would be wise to remember that Republican voters did a virtual 180 degree flip from having negative to positive views after he launched his campaign. Can he pull off a similar feat among all voters if he gets the nomination?”

In the national survey, Trump loses to Hillary Clinton by 10-points, 48% to 38%, while John Kasich actually tops Clinton by 6-points, 45% to 39%. Ted Cruz loses narrowly, by 5-points, 45% to 40%.

The kicker: “While Clinton gets the support of 89% of self-described Democrats – a fairly typical partisan support level at this stage of the race – Trump can only claim the support of 73% of Republicans. Working in Trump’s favor is that independents are presently divided – 40% support him and 39% support Clinton.”

Even more troubling for the Donald…

In a three-way general election race, Libertarian Gary Johnson lands 11 percent and Trump (34%) loses to Clinton (42%). Could it be 1992 all over again?

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8 thoughts on “Monmouth Poll: Trump has a base problem!

  1. I don’t know if he has a base problem? was a democrat). I am in TRUMP 2016′. I wonder if the rest of the mad as hell(illegal immigrant) silent democrats are just waiting for November. Also the rest of the primary non voting real republicans. Will they vote trump, or stay home. Also democrats whoooo were licking Hillary’s feet in 1994-2008. Will they vote or stay home. ???

  2. The big problem is his 60% unfavorable rating. And he hasn’t been in government and the general election hasn’t started. Trump can’t win!! He might not even win Utah and Wyoming if he is the nominee.

  3. Long story short: The Hildebeast will be elected POTUS in 2016.

    This is not going to have a happy ending, folks. Sorry.

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