Real history behind N.J. Supreme Court appointments doesn’t help Sweeney’s case

N.J. Supreme Court complex

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The current New Jersey Supreme Court
The current New Jersey Supreme Court

Look: this battle has been over since November 2013, Save Jerseyans.

When the powers-that-be decided to prioritize a Republican gubernatorial landslide over leveraging Christie’s popularity to pick up State Senate seats, the fate of the New Jersey Supreme Court became a fait accompli. Now it is what it is, at least until probably 2021 when we get another shot at redrawing New Jersey’s legislative districts. Until then? It is what it is.

But for what it’s worth, Senate President Steve Sweeney’s historical argument to refuse entertaining any nominee other than a Democrat (which has lasted six years), specifically David Bauman, isn’t based in reality. It’s 100% a product of his gubernatorial push to steal liberal votes from primary rivals like Jersey City’s Steven Fulop and Phil Murphy a/k/a Corzine II.

This explanatory chart is circulating at the State House:

justices one

justices two

Sweeney raised no moral objections when, over a period of eight years, Democrat Governors McGreevey, Codey and Corzine built a Court comprised of four Democrats, two Republicans, and one independent.

A few more fun facts:

  • Judge Bauman already got an affirmative vote from the Sweeney-run State Senate… less than a year ago…
  • Senate President voted to confirm Justice Albin back in 2002 and didn’t complain about the Court’s current composition then…
  • Want to know why New Jersey is so screwed up? For starters, we’ve only had a four-member Republican court twice – for a grand total of 18 years – since 1947.  Democrats? They’ve had a four member majority seven times spanning 48 years.

So there you have it. Yet again, my dear friends, we find ourselves caught up in a ‘game of thrones’ that no one ever wins.


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