Trump never turned but the GOP sure did

By Alyssa LaFage | The Save Jersey Blog

This time last year conservatives were looking forward to a Republican primary focused on demonstrating to the American people why our ideas are better than what we’ve seen over the last 7 years. Emphasis on ideas!

It was shaping up to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to draw a stark contrast between Democrats and Republicans, statists and constitutionalists, authoritarians and freedom lovers.

Flash forward to today and we haven’t even had a chance to have that conversation.

trumpWhy? Because half of us have been laser focused on defeating the con man that is attempting to hijack the party of Lincoln. Yes, I’m talking about Donald Trump.

Instead of concentrating on laying out our principles to voters, we’ve had to spend precious time, MONTHS now, distancing ourselves from the incoherent musings of The Donald who is anything but principled and anything but conservative.

I’ve had conversations with people I respect about why they have decided to overlook his comments on Planned Parenthood, or his position on healthcare and free trade.

I’ve had to listen to people I respect make excuses for the fact that Trump supported liberal policies on a range of issues in recent years from taxes to guns.

Excuse after excuse is given for his support of ultra-liberal politicians like Nancy Pelosi.

I am sick of hearing Trump supporters compare his ideological transformation to that of Ronald Reagan.

The two men are nothing alike and neither are their politics. Reagan was elected President in 1980 and in 1964 he was supporting the late great Barry Goldwater. Reagan taught fiscal conservative while Trump appeals to cultural conservatives. Reagan had a conservative record as governor before becoming president and was a key player in the modern conservative movement in this country.

Quite to the contrary, Donald J. Trump was a registered Democrat who financially supported John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi (I’ll never let that one go) and countless other wildly left wing politicians. Unlike Reagan, Trump does not have a story of when he changed or when he “got it” and became a conservative.

There was no distinguishing event that made him turn. Because he never did.


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  1. Your RINO leadership created this monster, Alyssa. Now prepared to be destroyed by him.

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