POLL: Is Tubman replacing Jackson progress? Or revisionist?

Harriet TubmanBy The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

It’s hard to get worked up over a racist Democrat autocrat (Andrew Jackson) getting tossed off of the $20 bill in favor of Harriet Tubman, 19th century heroine of the abolition movement.

That being said… is today’s historic move by President Obama’s Treasury Department a positive step forward? Or more revisionist tampering in U.S. History by a White House that excels at it?

Weigh in:

POLL: Is Tubman replacing Jackson progress? Or revisionist?

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24 thoughts on “POLL: Is Tubman replacing Jackson progress? Or revisionist?

  1. Total disgrace. The only goal is to pander to liberals and minorities. Jackson was the most bada.ss president ever and one of my personal favorites.

    I won’t stand for this. I will not accept these new bills as tender, and if I do come into possession of any of them, I’m going to start drawing things on them. Or, maybe just write “ANDREW JACKSON” across the whole thing.

  2. Well we need to remind people that Harriet Tubman was a REPUBLICAN.

    So they replaced a racist Democrat who gave us the “Trail of Tears” with a black REPUBLICAN woman who fought for the end of slavery.

    Need to use this opportunity to educate people on the history of the GOP and what it TRULY stands for, which is self relience.

  3. I don’t really care, anyone from that long ago…eh…as long as they put President Barry or Hillary on anything I’m fine with it. Slavery = bad, Tubman against slavery = good…don’t see the issue.

  4. I’m always ok with recognizing important people in our nations history and this woman does deserve that however I’m not for removing people we have previously recognized this way. I prefer to leave our history in place as a record of fact and create a new item, symbol or monument for her alone. Would it be fair to remove her some day in the future for someone else?

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