New Jersey falls to 48th place in national economic competitiveness

New Jersey in distress...
New Jersey in distress…

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The 2016 ALEC-Laffer Rich States, Poor States economic outlook rankings are out, Save Jerseyans.

Three guesses what they found? Your first two attempts don’t count…

“New Jersey unfortunately remains near the very bottom of the Rich States, Poor StatesEconomic Outlook Index, weighed down by the nation’s heaviest property tax burden in addition to very high corporate and personal income tax rates,” explained Jonathan Williams, co-author of the report and vice president of the ALEC Center for State Fiscal Reform.

In fact, the once-mighty Garden State fell a full two slots:


Top Ten                           

Bottom Ten

1. Utah                             
2. North Carolina
3. North Dakota             
4. Wyoming                 
5. Arizona                        
6. Indiana                        
7. Tennessee                          
8. Florida
9. Wisconsin                  
10. Oklahoma             

41. Oregon
42. Hawaii
43. Illinois
44. Delaware
45. Minnesota
46. California
47. Connecticut
48. New Jersey
49. Vermont
50. New York

Which states did the best versus 2015?

For starters: Florida, which gained seven spots in the rankings.

Salt on the wound: uncoincidentally, the Sunshine State recently snagged Appaloosa Management’s David Tepper away from us, a multi-billion dollar tax hit for a state whose top 1% pays 1/3 of the taxes.

Click here to read the full report. 


12 thoughts on “New Jersey falls to 48th place in national economic competitiveness

  1. Again, Thanks Great Leaders Wisniewski, Bramnick and most of all Porky AKA Boss Hog and of course the Democratic Machine! You guys (Comrades) make Communism look like a viable option! Save AC, no sell AC to Dubai! They got the money now! Our NJ Flag is upside down, WHY? Distressed? The above mentioned do not look Distressed but rich and well fed and stupid!!

  2. Thank you state assembly for not allowing economics or the working middle class make you change your ways. Keep on borrowing, taxing and promising. That should empty out New Jersey for you to have all to yourselves. Good luck attracting wealthy taxpayers like Tepper that paid $50 million in state taxes each year.

  3. Repeat after me… no wealth is leaving New Jersey no wealth is leaving New Jersey no wealth is leaving New Jersey no wealth is leaving New Jersey. Keep voting for Dumb-o-crats….

  4. Wow! I remember when Christie was running for Governor the first time and I was a big supporter (my husband was MCRC chair at the time) and this was one of the big issues he said that he would really work on . Gee I wonder what happened — I his guess personal sgenda came first.

  5. maybe the fact that we can’t seem to clean out the left in our legislative branch had something to do with it. They seem determined to change us from The Garden State to The Welfare State.

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