VIDEO: Fulop’s property reevaluation non-answer

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

It’s been decades since Jersey City has conducted a property tax reevaluation, Save Jerseyans, but now that a judge might be putting an end to that shortly, Mayor Steven Fulop (who cancelled one back in 2013) is having trouble explaining this manmade crisis to his constituents.

Check out this exchange with Rev. Alonzo Perry Sr. (of the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church). Fulop is… less than impressive.

h/t Real Jersey City:


1 thought on “VIDEO: Fulop’s property reevaluation non-answer

  1. Fulop’s actions are not defensible. If he runs for Governor, this speech by the Reverend should be part of a campaign ad. This is why the Republicans can’t give up on getting minority voters. Fulop is absolutely screwing many of the Black and Hispanic areas in Jersey City in favor of his constituency on the waterfront. It is outrageous that Christie only recently addressed this issued. Another issue Christie should address is the 3.5% sales tax that the very wealthy Jersey City waterfront residents pay.

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