VIDEO: Bramnick visits Fox Business to indict New Jersey’s tax climate

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

Billionaire David Tepper’s budget-busting decision to bolt New Jersey is bringing new attention to the state’s toxic tax climate; Assembly GOP Leader Jon Bramnick (R-Union) visited FOX Business News’ “Mornings with Maria” on Tuesday to try to provide a broader audience with some of the grisly details:

“My friends across the aisle, with all due respect, deny the fact that these high tax states are causing a problem,” explained Bramnick.  “It’s simple: things are too expensive in New Jersey and people are leaving.”

Bramnick specifically cited a 2010 Boston College report which found that $70 billion in wealth left New Jersey in just four years, between 2004 and 2008.

“We have an estate and inheritance tax, one of only two states in the country that have that,” continued Bramnick.  “You can’t afford to die in New Jersey.  The state income tax is as high as 9 percent.  And you have an incredible property tax problem as well.  So people are leaving.”


6 thoughts on “VIDEO: Bramnick visits Fox Business to indict New Jersey’s tax climate

  1. It is all talk and BS. Taxes were an issue in 2005 when I ran, and long before I ran for office. They were an issue when we had 115 tax increases and how they would be repealed . . . zip, nada nothing has been done to help the working class and there is talk about increasing them even more with a gas tax and other areas. Politicians raise taxes like an open faucet and then tell the taxpayers they got a $25 break and expect them to be thankful. They have no problem with giving themselves a raise due to increased costs for stamps, stationary, etc.

    The voters are even dumber in my opinion for electing the same people who keep talking about it for the last 20 years, and nothing has changed.

    Inheritance tax, estate tax, but never any talk about the Realty Transfer Fees that have increased in exponential proportions? Where does all that money go? How much of it actually pertains to the sale of a home and record keeping?

    Both parties like to talk and it is always the same rhetoric. After the rhetoric is over the floor is swept, the lights are shut and everyone goes home and pats themselves on the back for talking a good game.

    More is never enough, the more the state can grab the more they spend and the following year they need more to pay the debt for all the money they found the year before.

    The taxpayers always being asked to fill the state coffers because the state is broke, but where do the people go to fill their cash register?

    Those $15 per hour french fry jobs might help out for a short while, until you wind up in the next tax bracket and you wind up paying more to survive. That is providing you can find one of those $15 an hour job for throwing fries in hot grease.

  2. “My friends across the aisle, with all due respect, deny the fact that these high tax states are causing a problem,” explained Bramnick.

    Indeed. And the fact that he still politely and diplomatically refers to Democrats as his “friends across the aisle” – instead of the scumbags worthy of hanging that they truly are – tells the Save Jerseyan dummmies all they need to know about how thoroughly screwed they all are.

  3. “If you are not part of the Problem, you are part of Solution!” Our leaders John, Jon, Boss Hogg/Porky and the Trenton Democratic Machine are all Rich and out of touch with the modern NJ Tax payer! Simple as that! And they can make excuses for themselves and their Parties faster then the Speed of Light! Save AC or Sell It!

  4. Incumbency seems to be the terminal illness that’s killing our middle class and economy. This state needs to streamline its tax system, reduce its agencies and payrolls by 75% and either move towns to a regional system of services utilizing the counties or eliminate the county level entirely. The number of redundancies in government is ludicrous. Vote people like me in and I will personally remove the cronies that bleed us dry.

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