STUPID: Trenton debates $15 minimum wage while Wendy’s replaces workers with kiosks

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

No matter how many examples we serve up of workers being hurt by the $15 minimum wage push around the country, Save Jerseyans, the morons in Trenton continue to forge ahead. It ain’t about what works; they’re only interested in serving the union bosses who bankroll them (who then shaft their workers by requesting exemptions).

100% politics, 0% sound economics.

We’ll keep trying. Here’s yet another news-derived warning about what a $15 minimum wage would do to New Jersey, appropriately breaking on the same week that a $15 wage hike legislative push hits both houses of the N.J. State Legislature

Wendy’s will introduce kiosks – and replace workers – in states like California and New York that are moving towards a $15 an hour minimum wage. Franchise locations will make their own decisions but a self-order app for the fast food chain is reportedly in the hopper.

Tell me again how minimum wages help the middle class when they minimize employment?