Another $15 minimum wage warning for New Jersey

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

When I pointed out how Seattle had shed 10,000 jobs in 3 months after beginning to implement a $15 minimum wage, Save Jerseyans, some of our liberal readers back here at home complained bitterly that it was too early to draw any conclusions. They still want a $15 New Jersey minimum wage.

So how about this one: 

Just one week after California enacted a $15 minimum wage, the socialists over at UC Berkeley have decided to cut 500 jobs.

That’s one year after that cash strapped university system’s president – former Obama Homeland Security chieftain Janet Napolitano – voluntarily moved to adopt a $15 minimum wage.

It won’t work, morons!

Think. Look at the numbers

You’ll destroy what little is left of our once-great state economy. Even the birkenstock-loving losers at Berkeley agree.


2 thoughts on “Another $15 minimum wage warning for New Jersey

  1. I wonder how much the $15 min wage in NY has reduced the value of a Subway, 7/11 or Burger King franchise. The franchise owners aren’t the wealthiest of people anyway. It would be interesting to see what the effect on franchise values of such a wage increase is.

  2. A lot of small business owners are stubborn and cling to their businesses until something forces them to close. The $15 min wage or the prospect of that wage is the something that forces many to close.

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