Sweeney’s favorite new minimum wage ‘report’ is garbage. Here’s why.

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

You’ve probably seen plenty of Democrats and media-types trumpeting a report from the liberal think tank ‘New Jersey Policy Perspective’ touting the wonders! of a $15 minimum wage for those who might earn it. Even Senate President Steve Sweeney is crowing over the study:

There’s just one problem: the report is bull crap. Pure, unadulterated manure.

Why? The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) hit back with some real-life perspective delivered by its New Jersey state director, Laurie Ehlbeck.

“This is a study of those currently making less than $15 an hour, not necessarily minimum wage earners and that distinction is imperative to understanding the actual, real-life impact that such a drastic increase would have on employment opportunity in the state of New Jersey,” Ehlbeck explained. “Those currently earning more than the existing minimum wage but less than $15 are a different class of employees and should not be confused with people earning the actual minimum wage. The study released yesterday is blatantly misleading the public into believing that such a dramatic policy change would be beneficial for the state.”

So, in other words, the study is pure speculation, folks.

I could speculate about how happy we’d all be with free ponies for every citizen but unless I’m looking at actual pony riders… I’m not REALLY giving you a ‘report.’ That implies there are facts, stats, numbers, etc. supported by some species of peer-reviewed data. This is just a partisan political paper, plain and simple. treat is as such.

What we need to consider is what the minimum wage has actually achieved (or not achieved) for those earning it.

“The long-term impact that an increase to $15 an hour would have on the small business community cannot be understated. Interstate competition for businesses is at an all-time high, and our members are already battling one of the worst economic climates in the country,” she continued. “To virtually double the minimum wage will no doubt send many employers out of New Jersey and into friendlier fiscal environments, and they’ll take their job opportunities with them. Those that remain in the state will have no choice but to drastically increase the costs of their goods and services to the detriment of the economy statewide.”

So why speculate, Mr. President? We need look no further than Seattle where a $15 hr minimum wage that’s being phased-in over time has already erased approximately 10,000 jobs in only three months.

Minimum wage = minimum employment.

Arm yourselves with truth. Don’t let your family and friends fall for minimum wage backers’ penchant for selective facts and minimum logic, Save Jerseyans. Click here to read Ms. Ehlbeck’s guest post here at Save Jersey and, of course, right over here for our extensive, fact-heavy minimum wage archives.


14 thoughts on “Sweeney’s favorite new minimum wage ‘report’ is garbage. Here’s why.

  1. Here is my take on this 15 dollar an hour crap who wins? Employers will cut back on workers and hours price of product will go up and those earning 15 bucks an hour now will be in higher tax bracket end result is same take home pay as when they made current minimum wage because now they be paying more taxes only winner here is state and federal government and those living on assistance

  2. Who is this eponymous “WE” paleface? Do YOU live in his district? If so, then work hard to convince your fellow knuckleheads to toss him out. If you don’t live in his district, then stop with the “we” crap.

  3. Look Sweeney up…He’s an Iron Worker’s Union official…and a great pal of George Norcross! (Donald Norcross’ brother…who “won” the Vacant District 1 seat when Andrews quit the US House before he was convicted of misuse of campaign funds)!

  4. Look at that picture of him…a face only a Union Thug could love. You own him, New Jersey. Now choke on it.

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