Forget the headlines: Trump team looking awfully establishment-y in the early going

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The news that Governor Chris Christie is leading the “Trump transition” team (months before the nominating convention and down by double-digits in the polls, but whatever) isn’t surprising, Save Jerseyans.

What is surprising? Even at this late hour in a cycle where little seems to make logical sense?

How anyone still believes the mainstream media’s lazy headlines pushing a Trump vs. Establishment narrative. It’s preposterous. More so by the hour.

trump cabinetWe don’t even need to look at Trump’s past, recent or otherwise, or even his post-Indiana flip-flops on issues including the minimum wage and campaign self-funding.

Just since becoming “presumptive” last week in Indiana…

  • And then there’s Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s new finance chairman who, according to his Bloomberg profile, was not only a partner at Goldman Sachs (gasp!) and a major Democrat donor but also worked at Soros Fund Management LLC (double gasp!). Does it get any more establishment than that?

Vote for Trump if you’re willing to risk that the lesser of two evils will actually produce less evil, folks. I’m not going to try to dissuade you.

I’m not even suggesting key establishment picks are all bad. I’ve never been a purity-for-profit guy myself.

But for those of you – and there are many of you – whose sole rationale for voting Trump hangs on the promise of an “anti-establishment” house-cleaning? Kicking the Wall Street Northeaster GOP centrist types to the curb in the name of We the People or whatever?

Prepare to be disappointed.


One thought on “Forget the headlines: Trump team looking awfully establishment-y in the early going

  1. Oh, PUHLEEEEEEZE, R00ney! Spare us the anti-Establishment palaver. You are, were and always will be a G0Pe tool.

    Gov. Pantload is desperate to remain relevant. He knows he f**ked up horribly in New Jersey and is hoping that Der Drumpfmeister will invoke the Peter Principle and promote Christie’s fat ass to something of importance in the new regime.

    Rudy the Lisper is a G0Pe meat puppet. The only reason Der Drumpfmeister considers him for DHS is tha fact that Der Drumpfmeister isn’t terribly bright. (Yes, I know the response: but hey…he’s a billionaire, so he can’t be a complete dummy, right? Wrong. I have just two words in response: Michael Bloomberg.)

    You own them, G0Pers. Embrace the suck and choke to death.

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