VIDEO: Howarth explains how $15 minimum wage will cripple hospice, in-home nursing providers

By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

As the New Jersey Assemby’s Democrat majority muscled a $15 minimum wage bill through on Thursday with a 42-30-1 vote, Assembly Republicans took to the floor to illustrate, in graphic terms, how the move would devastate New Jersey’s job market.

Freshman Assemblyman Joe Howarth (R-8) took to the floor to discuss one of the least-discussed unintended victims: hospice and in-home nursing care.

“Bayada Nursing does a wonderful job providing ancillary care throughout the region. Their Medicaid reimbursement is 15.50 and hour,” Howarth reiterated after his floor remarks on the Save Jersey Facebook page. That payment is a bundled payment, meaning it is used to pay all of the people that deal with that patient. If the minimum is increased it will cost them money to go out and treat those patients.”

“Let’s not forget what it will cost in increased insurance payments. Workers Comp is based on payroll; add this to the new overtime regulations release last week and it means many small businesses going under,” he added.