Hillary raises 350-times more than Trump from lawyers

trump hillary yellingBy The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

There have been plenty of imbalances thus far in wacky Election 2016, Save Jerseyans, and some of them are potentially historic if the patterns hold through November.

For starters, Hillary Clinton is winning only 25% of white men while, here in New Jersey, only 1% of black voters are committed to Donald Trump.

Here’s another one: to date, according to the latest data and reported information as of May 23, 2016, Hillary has raised approximately 350-times more than Donald from American lawyers and law firms this cycle.

Not $350 or $350,000. 350-times!!!

It’s shocking when you consider that’s far worse than Republicans usually perform and, given Trump’s infamously litigious personality, he’s been a boon for the New York bar.

Clinton’s haul of $18,329,641 dwarfs Trump’s take of $52,398 which, for those counting, is exactly $2 than vanquished GOP non-starter Rick Santorum collected. Thus far, Trump has raised just under $60 million overall compared to Clinton’s $289 million.