New Jersey gas tax hike will cost you $300 per year

By Joe Sinagra | The Save Jersey Blog

A proposed N.J. gas tax hike of 23-cents per gallon will cost the average driver $300 a year or roughly 80 cents a day, Save Jerseyans. For many families it’ll be a much stiffer bill.

New Jersey motorists would be the ones footing the bill for the petroleum tax hike, not the distributors, because wholesale fuel taxes are routinely passed on to station owners, who will then pass them on to motorists in the price at the pump!

gasThe state motor tax is 10.5 cents a gallon and a 23-cent gas tax will cost New Jersey drivers 33.5 cents at the pump. Revenues under the new calculation would also rise with rising gas prices.

These costs will be absorbed into transportation, food products, and restaurants.

Considered together with increasing property taxes, in another four to five years, it will cost the average state resident an additional $2,000 to live here than it does today!

New Jersey’s state-administered highways cost taxpayers $2 million per mile – 12-times the national average and 3-times the cost in the next highest state and 4-times the cost in New York.

Present waste could pay for our bridges, roads and tunnels.

“Consider, for example, the current reconstruction of Rt. 35 which has topped $27.3 million per mile, including millions to pay contractors to do nothing. Nobody can explain how tens of millions of $76 million in cost overruns has been spent,” Senator Mike Doherty recently explained.

That is just one project!

Tell New Jersey politicians we are tired of paying for their recklessness.

Start voting with your pocket and not the party; all of us will pay for it regardless of political affiliation.


Joe Sinagra
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