Top Christie political advisor critiques RNC, Coulter via Twitter

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Chris Christie’s political guru Mike DuHaime — a veteran of both national campaigns (going back to Bush ’04) and both Christie state-wide victories.

He helped make the New Jersey governor a national star years after innovating the RNC’s 72-hour program.


Reportedly left out of the Trump endorsement decision along with other inner circle members of the Christie political universe, DuHaime took to Twitter and leveled some pointed criticism of the Trump-era GOP in the wake of last week’s Cleveland convention:

DuHaime, a managing director at Mercury Public Affairs, LLC and former Regional Political Director for Bush-Cheney presidential campaign back in 2004,  was referring to the RNC’s decision to criticize Clinton veep pick Tim Kaine as too centrist.

The veteran Republican strategist also took on Ann Coulter, a leading cheerleader for Donald Trump’s immigration and terrorism positions:

DuHaime has denied reports that he disagreed with Christie’s Trump decision.