CLAIM: Trump picked Christie for VP then reneged over Bridgegate

christie pumpkinThe hits keep on coming for New Jersey’s least popular governor since Jim Florio.

In the wake of a week that saw Christie dumped on by both his Lieutenant Governor over the gas tax and his former senior aide during the ongoing Bridgegate trial, New Jersey’s most famous Republican is now facing an embarrassing claim concerning his involvement in the presidential race.

Specifically? According to a NY Post source, Donald Trump offered Christie the vice presidential spot – then walked it back – over the Bridgegate scandal.

Other reports at the time suggested Christie was Trump’s first choice but that the campaign ‘balked’ before ultimately picking Pence.

The Governor has since conceded that the fallout from the fall 2013 lane closures was likely “a factor” in his having been passed over for Trump’s running mate. Christie remains the Donald’s chief transition point person although it remains unclear what formal role, if any, the beleaguered governor will play in a hypothetical Trump administration.

You can read the full story here.