FRIDAY DUMP: Christie signs huge N.J. gas tax hike; GOP Senator launches repeal campaign

It’s now law, Save Jerseyans.

On Friday afternoon as taxpayers were distracted by the impending weekend, Governor Chris Christie finally signed off on a gigantic tax and borrowing package which includes an immediate (by November 1st?) 23-cent gas tax hike for 2016 and the potential for additional hikes next year if revenues purportedly intended to replenish the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) fail to meet projections.

Kip Bateman
Kip Bateman

“Through this legislation, we are continuing our commitment to providing tax relief for working New Jerseyans of all income levels, senior citizens, military veterans and property owners, while ensuring solid, reliable, state-of-the-art roads, bridges and mass transit systems,” said Governor Christie in a statement released by his Front Office. “Over the next eight years, a record $32 billion in state and federal funds will be invested in infrastructure improvements and modernizations in New Jersey. “This compromise legislation locks in what I called for from the beginning: tax fairness for all residents, leading to a more affordable state and an improved economy.”

Christie also contemporaneously signed Executive Order No. 216 which rescinded his prior orders, Executive Order No. 210 and Executive Order No. 213, which froze TTF-dependent projects and diverted other monies to pay for essential roadwork while the stalemate drug on through the summer months.

Critics continue to question the Governor’s math.

Meanwhile, State Senator Kip Bateman (R-16) announced an attempt to repeal the massive gas tax increase.

“I’ve heard from so many commuters who struggle financially every time the price of gas rises, and they’re pleading for help to save them from the gas tax increase,” explained Bateman, who said he plans to introduce the legislation at the State Senate’s next session. “Lawmakers have a responsibility to not harm already struggling residents through our state’s tax policy, and that’s what this effort to repeal the gas tax increase is all about. I encourage everyone to sign and share the online petition to help get the repeal movement rolling.”

Bateman’s petition can be signed at


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