Webber eloquently shreds N.J. Assembly’s terrifying ‘Assisted’ Suicide bill

Webber eloquently shreds N.J. Assembly’s terrifying ‘Assisted’ Suicide bill

Asm. Jay Webber (R-Morris) is one of the only politicians (or Republicans, for the that matter) left in New Jersey who you and I can consistently count upon to do the right thing, Save Jerseyans.

Not simply “for the taxpayers,” or a particular special interest group, but for everyone who’s impacted whenever constitutional rights are treated as anything other than inalienable.

Case in point? Jay stood up and shredded yesterday’s N.J. Assembly ‘assisted’ suicide legalization measure shortly before passage.

That’s right: the Assembly passed assisted suicide on Thursday (41-to-28 with 11 total abstentions/not voting). So in New Jersey, to review, you have only two rights left: (1) pay out the nose or (2) kill yourself.

What a choice….

We’ve previously explored the many reasons why this legislation is worse than its sponsors will ever admit, but Asm. Webber gets a hat tip from me for articulating the danger in a way that I’m told encouraged at least a few abstentions/no votes.  

“It’s not a slippery slope argument, folks,” Webber cautioned his colleagues as he outlined the proposed law’s fatal flaws. “This is where ‘compassionate choices’ and the people who advocate these kinds of measures want to take the law. And it’s not a good place, and we shouldn’t follow along.”