ELECTION 2017: Christie Admin releases tax returns and yup, Murphy is way richer than Guadagno

Guadagno Murphy
Guadagno (L) and Murphy (R)

Governor Chris Christie and Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno released their 2015 tax returns today, Save Jerseyans, which you can check out right HERE.

The Christie’s are doing well but, frankly, who cares? He’s a lame duck.

Lt. Governor Guadagno remains the titular front runner for next year’s GOP nomination. She and her husband Michael, an appellate judge, posted an adjusted gross income of $339,686 last year. Not exactly “wealthy” by New Jersey standards but not too shabby either. Her actual gross salary as LG is $130,000.

The economic imbalance between the Guadagno’s and the Democrat front runner, Goldman Sachs alum Phil Murphy (aka Jon Corzine 2.0), tells us a lot about the steep climb Republicans will face next year in trying to hold onto Drumthwacket.

Murphy allowed reporters to inspect five years of returns back in May.

In 2014 alone? Murphy and his wife raked in $6,378,429.

We don’t know his actual net worth since tax returns only speak to income; estimates I’ve read/heard range from $50 million to hundreds of millions of dollars potentially making him far wealthier than Jon Corzine ever was. His fortune is Wall Street-generated, something Republicans are likely to talk about as Murphy attempts to masquerade as a ‘man of the people’ next cycle.

But talk is cheap. Considered in conjunction with the growing Democrat Super PAC advantage in New Jersey, Republican contenders might want to start stocking up on lottery tickets and scratch-offs this holiday season. Every penny is going to count.