ELECTION 2017: Jack Ciattarelli debuts 5-point N.J. economic plan

Jack Ciattarelli
Jack Ciattarelli

Asm. Jack Ciattarelli (R-16) is forging ahead with his candidacy for the 2017 GOP gubernatorial nomination, Save Jerseyans.

On Tuesday, the candidate unveiled a five-point economic plan.

“New Jersey’s own Albert Einstein once defined insanity as ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.’  Unfortunately, Democratic candidates for Governor are endorsing the failed status quo,” quipped Ciattarelli. “They refuse to overhaul the broken and unfair school funding formula that cheats school children and drives up property taxes.  They also aren’t willing to tackle comprehensive pension and benefit reforms.  The bottom line is this: There will be no complete economic recovery or significant growth in New Jersey until we permanently fix the real problems that punish New Jerseyans and, in turn, stifle our state economy.”

Central to Ciattarelli’s plan is an approach to school funding reform that’s distinct from Governor Christie’s own formula which the Somerset Republican has criticized.

“We must reform school funding, which ‘robs Peter to pay Paul,’ causing many New Jersey homeowners to pay thousands more than they should in property taxes.  We must reform public workers benefits, which unfairly provide post-retirement healthcare coverages that are obscenely generous.  We must reform out state tax code, which is page after page after page of disincentive,” Ciattarelli added.

Asm. Ciattarelli’s full plan can be viewed right here.