REPORT: Cosgrove rules himself out in LD38

ld38The man widely believed to be the NJGOP’s best candidate to retake the LD38 State Senate seat next fall isn’t interested, Save Jerseyans.

On Thursday, Daily Voice reported that popular Republican Mayor John Cosgrove of Fair Lawn is ruling himself our of a 2017 showdown with incumbent Bob Gordon….

I think it important to end speculation regarding my candidacy so that other candidates may be selected.”

“While much is broken in Trenton and needs strong and dedicated attention, I have decided to remain in Fair Lawn, to finish my term as Mayor and on Council, to ensure the completion of important municipal projects such as our Senior Housing complex.”

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Insiders lament that Cosgrove’s close relationship with Gail Gordon, a major GOP fundraiser and the incumbent’s spouse, is likely a major factor in muting the Mayor’s enthusiasm for what would have undoubtedly turned into an ugly high-dollar November contest but, at the end of the day, a competitive race which Republicans could’ve won.