POT, MEET KETTLE: Cory Booker Advises Trump to Spend Less Time On Twitter

Shameless isn’t just a popular series, Save Jerseyans. It’s also a U.S. Senator. Your Junior U.S. Senator.

Cory Booker (D-Twitter) connected with WCBS’s Steve Scott this week to do a postmortem on Election 2016 and, naturally, bitch a little bit about President-elect Donald Trump. Booker is running for president in 2020; that battle starts now, so it’s a race on his side of the aisle to say the goofiest, furthest-left stuff in quick succession to garner ‘progressive support.’

This particular line of questioning, however, tickled my funny bone.

“Trump communicates a lot via Twitter, and you have used Twitter to engage your constituents in New Jersey,” inquired Scott. “As a veteran on Twitter, what advice would you give the president elect?”

Try not to fall out of your chair when you read Booker’s Answer….

Advice for him would be probably to stay off because he’s something that we call in the Twitter universe a ‘troll.’ He spews a lot of toxin and insults towards people. I mean, he can’t even help himself from criticizing ‘Saturday Night Live.’ What I try to do on Twitter is number one, I tell everybody to be authentic, be who you are. But also to be positive, and show grace and kindness. There’s enough toxicity out there. So I’m disappointed with the way he uses the platform. It is a powerful tool, it’s a tool of the future in terms of communication in a fractured media environment. But I do believe that the energy you put out into the universe regardless of who you are is really important. There’s enough people out there that are trying to demean and degrade folks in social media context. I like it when people try to elevate folks, elevate the dialogue to show a level of civility. For those of us that are positions of authority, we have to set the standard for this country, and we have a president right now that’s not setting a standard. I think his dialogue is enabling a lot people who are the trolls, enabling other people preaching hate out there. Instead of leading us to a higher unifying level. I think he’s leading us into the gutter.”

The “gutter” is a relative destination, I suppose.

In other words, the guy who spends his days quoting Winnie the Pooh, reciting poetry and inventing fake drug dealer pals to embellish his humanitarian resume, mostly on Twitter (Cory) is advising the man who introduced “big league” into the common vernacular (Donald) to spend less time on Twitter.

The same rich kid from the suburbs who grew up and race-baits like a pro on the campaign trail when he’s not masquerading as St. Cory of Newark on social media.

Seriously, Senator?

Self-awareness deficit? Or don’t bullshit a bullshitter, okay?

Put another way: if your words are 100% part of a political strategy then good for you. But if you’re sincerely one of the legions of Democrats who still doesn’t understand that your snow-flaky behavior is the reason why Donald Trump won the largest GOP electoral majority since 1988? Look in the mirror, something I’m sure is already one of your favorite activities without any prompting from me. You built this.

Own it!