Piscopo: No Teacher, Police Income Tax in Exchange for Higher Benefits Payments

That’s what he told NJ Advance Media over the weekend, Save Jerseyans.

And it’s a plan that’s sure to raise eyebrows should former SNL comedian and present day radio host Joe Piscopo jump into this year’s gubernatorial race.

According to NJ Advance Media, Piscopo believes exempting firefighters, police, state troopers and teachers from state income tax liability is a fair compromise towards coaxing higher payments towards increasingly-expensive health benefits.

Governor Chris Christie has repeatedly insisted that benefits cuts are a necessary and indispensable step towards shoring up New Jersey’s distressed public pension system. A recent report declared the state’s pension system America’s weakest.

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Meanwhile, Piscopo spent inauguration week/weekend popping up regularly on cable news and at New Jersey inaugural events but has yet to formalize any campaign launch details. Those in the know say his general consultant – Mark Serrano – is still attempt to assemble a potential campaign staff.