Oh, My — How Very IMPORTANT You’ve Grown!

January 6, 2017
Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog

So, we sorta have to ask ourselves: When did Megyn Kelly become imperious?

When did Megyn’s primary subject become, well . . . . Megyn?

Yes, when did she become bigger than the news she supposedly covered?

In fact, when did she become the news?

Hey, let’s get this clear. No one is trying to excuse Donald Trump’s boorish and insulting behavior toward Megyn. That was and remains inexcusable.

But anyone who’s watched Megyn’s transformation since she started at Fox has got to wonder exactly what happened to this woman.

We suppose it’s reflective of the new world of “journalism,” if that what they still call it. It seems it’s an egocentric world of gotcha and getcha and grab it all when you can, how you can, where you can.

When can debate where and how this all started. We suppose you could blame Walter Winchell. But he was more of a gossip monger than a journalist, and tha’s putting it kindly.

maybe it started with Dan Rather who regularly goaded President Nixon to the point where Nixon had to ask Rather if he (Rather) was running for office. Maybe we got here because of sensationalists like Geraldo Rivera or Chris Matthews. You figure it out.

In any event — good luck at NBC, Megyn. It seems like an absolutely perfect fit for you.

And, BTW: Give our regards to Matt!