Explained: The American Left’s Disconcerting #TravelBan Meltdown

There’s a lot at play here in this travel ban meltdown news cycle, Save Jerseyans, but I want to try and explain what’s going on out there by traveling as close to the source as we can.

So much of what you’re seeing/hearing these days?

Attributable to people who either (1) miss the 60s or (2) missed the 60s.

Remember: They don’t teach the fine points of the American Revolution or the Civil War anymore in “social studies” class. Precious little attention is given to the positive role of the United States during World War II across the globe or the Cold War effort to liberate Eastern Europe. One specific albeit significant era gets disproportionate attention from academia.

‘Flower Power’ in 1967

Consequently, an entire new generation is focused less on the facts and more on its collective thirst for an opportunity to replicate a glorified version of the 60s experience.

They want to be a part of something. Anything. In a world where religion/family/community is melting away… wouldn’t you?

To meet the demand, self-interested politicians/interests/media-types supply manufactured outrage [see Cory Booker (D-Twitter) at Dulles on Friday]. Social media obviously makes it easier to feel like you’re apart of things, too, adding fuel to the fire as a convenient tool for the manipulators of our culture.

The facts are constantly being mutated to fit the narrative. To justify the 60s-era worldview.

What would actually be helpful for humanity? If our interest is actually helping expand equality? Shelving the memes for an afternoon and doing something concrete, albeit less flashy and sexy and easy, to help actual American citizens.

Volunteer at a charter school?

A domestic violence clinic?

One of many heroin addiction campaigns?

Cory Booker (D-Twitter) creates a pop-up airport protest on 1/28/17.

A local religious community’s preexisting charitable work?

Maybe get involved with a program to expand voucher access or teaching English to those for whom it’s a second language?

Or hey, if political action IS your thing… maybe run for actual office? And get involved in a campaign? Rather than spending your energies tweeting and marching long after (or before) any ballots are tabulated.

The list is superiority constructive activity is endless and yet remains under-prioritized by the digital mob, some of whom will call Trump a “racist” and “bigot” endlessly for the next few to several years, never providing facts to back it up, all while sporting a “Che” Guevara shirts without any sense of irony apparent on their scowling faces.

You see, folks, ‘action’ simply isn’t assigned the same value as ‘interaction’ in 2017; hence, the social justice warriors on Facebook and Twitter who are constantly titling at windmills but can never quite articulate the facts underlying their opposition to the cause célèbre of the moment.

Keep all of this in mind over the coming days, weeks and months. It’s the origin of almost all of the ridiculousness to which you’ll be subjected.