VIDEO: Opportunistic Cory Booker Fuels Ignorance at Dulles Airport

The facts behind PresidentDonald Trump’s temporary 90-day ban on refugees from select countries are, unsurprisingly, a casualty of the current political climate, Save Jerseyans.

For example: how many of the liberals complaining on Facebook remember Barack Obama’s SIX MONTH ban on Iraqi refugees?

Everything you’re hearing/reading/seeing is hysteria-fueled fake news. Pure and simple and UGLY.

And even if you don’t agree with the mechanics of President Trump’s executive action, we can agree that all of this hyper-partisan reactionary behavior is objectively very unhelpful for a country trying to move beyond 2016 to tackle some objectively huge issues.

But what does Cory Booker (D-Twitter) care? The man who spent his time race-baiting on the 2016 campaign trail on behalf of Hillary Clinton is presently running for president in his own right ahead of 2020; media whore that he is (and I don’t use that term lightly, but it fits like a glove for on this guy), Booker rushed to the D.C.-area Dulles International Airport on Saturday night to find cameras and pound the podium over the travel ban:

Let’s take a step back and put Senator Booker’s remarks in their proper context….

Did Senator Twitter (then-Mayor Booker) bother to speak out in 2011 during Obama’s travel ban? I didn’t seem him rush over to Newark International for a press conference…? It would’ve been a short, cheap tax ride.

How often did he rally for Newark? Read Politico‘s ‘Cory Booker’s Newark Mirage‘ piece for your answer.

Where was Cory Booker’s famous compassion for millions of *citizens* who lost health insurance in the last few years? Including HUNDREDS of thousands of New Jerseyans. Did he rally for them?

For the thousands in his home state, and in surrounding states, impacted by unconstitutional gun laws? Has he lifted a finger to help any of them?

What about the victims of crimes committed by illegals?

The countless individuals dead or displaced overseas due to the last Administration’s flaccid Syria policy?

He was absent.


Out to lunch.

Not available for comment!

He tried to speak out against Obama, and with a shred of independence and integrity, only once since entering the national discussion… and then promptly backed off. Remember that hilariously embarrassing hostage video?

America needs to take a deep breath and appreciate the truth of what’s really going on here, Save Jerseyans. We’re in danger. Big things are happening, appropriate things, many of which Democrats implementing themselves or did not opposed until Donald Trump was the one doing them. Social media manipulators are making things worse by sharing misinformation and half-truths, inciting fear where a little bit of clarity (see some of my links above) could go a long way towards assuaging fears.

Demagogues like Cory Booker should be leading that effort but, as is often the case in politics, the easy, politically-expedient action is often not what’s also best for the country. Be advised accordingly if you’re inclined to take anything the man says seriously.