Trenton About to Spend Millions of Your Dollars on Addiction Awareness Ads?

New Jersey’s fiscal crisis continues to deepen, Save Jerseyans, but you’d never know it underneath the Trenton State House’s golden dome.

The latest indication that they’re not taking it too seriously?

On February 1st, a public notice quietly surfaced over on the N.J. Department of the Treasury’s website seeking bids for anti-addiction themed advertising proposals.

The sample proposals are based on a $1 million budget. How much all of it will ultimately cost is, as of yet, unclear.

Other ads have already surfaced starring Christie himself:

This latest spending initiative comes during a legislative push related to the addiction crisis but also after Christie kicked-off a controversial $300M+ state house renovation project.

Back before the 2016 election? Christie’s use of Sandy relief marketing funds for other advertisements (featuring him and his family) attracted the attention of federal investigators.

What’s worth asking: Is anyone not living under a rock truly NOT “aware” of the opioid/heroin crisis?

Or is something else the true aim of Trenton’s latest spending spree?

Are we trying to rehabilitate the addicted with these ads? Or a politician?

Just sayin’….