Middlesex County Democrats Demand… Voter ID?

Tracking Voter I.D. law hypocrisy on the American Left is one of our favorite Save Jersey hobbies.

Here’s a brand new, very close-to-home example which comes to us via a long-time reader; the context, for those unfamiliar with Central Jersey politics, is an upcoming special Democrat committee election to replace a departing Middlesex County Democrat Freeholder, Carol Bellante:

“Please bring identification to be permitted to vote,” Chairman Kevin P. McCabe clearly instructs his committee members who are set to select Bellante’s replacement.


Last I checked, demanding identification as a prerequisite to vote was racist! Right?

Was this a mistake? Did someone send the wrong letter???

Interestingly enough, McCabe has endorsed Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs) for Governor, a far-left Democrat who is making opposition to voter I.D. and similar election integrity reforms a centerpiece of his 2017 statewide effort.

Let’s summarize: no one better attempt to steal an internal Democrat election (!), but if a few illegals, or felons, or identity thieves want to vote in a general election? Meh. No big deal!

Unless the perpetrator in question tries to vote under the name “Vladimir Putin.”

Do these people believe their own bullshit?