WHAT?! N.J. Candidate for Governor Plans First-in-U.S. “Office of Immigrant Protection”


This is really amazing, Save Jerseyans, and surprise surprise, it got little-to-no coverage.

A screenshot of Phil Murphy’s event Snapchat

Listen to this: Earlier this week, Phil Murphy (D-Goldman Sachs), the presumptive New Jersey Democrat gubernatorial nominee in 2017, announced (and I’m going to use his own release’s words here) his intention to “create an Office of Immigrant Protection to provide legal services to any New Jersey resident — including Green Card holders and refugees — facing detention and potential deportation and whose rights are being denied by federal overreach, including President Trump’s executive order, and who cannot afford legal representation.”

A New Jersey-based immigration office….


“One of the hallmarks of our legal system is the right to representation,” said Murphy in his statement. “This right is especially precious to those who look to America as a place of freedom, refuge, and opportunity. The attorneys who have camped out at our region’s airports, donating their time to help those trying to legally enter our country, have heroically given of their time. But we should not have to rely on good will at a time of constitutional crisis.”

‘Constitutional crisis’ is an interesting choice of words.

The front runner to succeed Chris Christie is publicly declaring his intention to use OUR TAX DOLLARS to defy the federal government’s clear constitutional prerogative in managing immigration.

And legality issues aside for a moment, what does it say about our possible next governor’s priorities?

Taken together with his wacky plan to create a state bank (!), folks, and his clear intention to prioritize strange, far-left experiments over creating jobs and cutting taxes for the Garden State residents who deserve it most, it’s time to ask yourselves, regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, whether this guy is running for Governor of New Jersey….

….or Emperor of the Turnpike?

Where’s the proposal for a Department of “Cutting My Property Taxes”?

Unlikely to materialize. Wall Street Wizards need your money to play god, and identity politics is lucrative for the Democrat Party, so don’t expect any action from Emperor Phil on the $2 Billion annual estimated price tag for New Jersey due to illegal immigrants.

God help us if this nut gets in. Seriously. The only ‘winner’ will be the states who receive the last of our productive, taxpaying citizens fleeing New Jersey for their lives.