AG Sessions Threatens New Jersey’s Sanctuary Jurisdictions’ Federal Funding

More than 100 U.S. cities and counties were fingered in last week’s first-ever ICE sanctuaries list, Save Jerseyans, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions says billions of dollars in federal aid may soon be withheld – or recouped! – from them.

Among them?

Four New Jersey jurisdictions:

  • Middlesex County, New Jersey
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Ocean County, New Jersey
  • Union County, New Jersey

Those four are the only ones identified in the ICE report (ICE says they are “the non-Federal jurisdictions that release aliens from their custody, notwithstanding that such aliens are subject to a detainer or similar request for custody issued by ICE to that jurisdiction”), but other New Jersey cities are planning (or are already) following suit including Jersey City.

Cumulatively, they’ve taken hundreds of millions of dollars from federal taxpayers notwithstanding their leaders’ determination to flout the rule of law.

Next up… raids?