SHIT SHOW AT THE SHORE: LD2 Dems Fail to Nominate 2nd Assembly Candidate

SHIT SHOW AT THE SHORE: LD2 Dems Fail to Nominate 2nd Assembly Candidate

Democrat prospects of retaining Jim Whelan‘s State Senate seat appear to be rapidly fading, Save Jerseyans, if today’s convention disaster is any indication.

Catch up here if you missed what happened last week.

Then check out WPG 104.1 FM’s Harry Hurley‘s summary of today’s craziness:

Atlantic County Democratic Convention marathon (more than 7 hours) fails to nominate 2nd Assembly Candidate.

The Atlantic County Democrats nominated the following candidates:

Phil Murphy – Governor

Colin Bell – Senate

Vince Mazzeo – Assembly

Thelma Witherspoon
Caren Fitzpatrick –
Freeholder at Large

Eric Scheffler – Sheriff

The Democrats could not agree on a second Assembly candidate.

John Armato, Buena Vista Township Committeeman finished 11 votes ahead of Atlantic County Freeholder Ernest Coursey, but neither received the majority required to win the nomination.

Former Atlantic County Freeholder & Surrogate James Carney finished a distant 3rd.

A well placed source from the Convention advised me that Carney is likely to drop out of the race.

The Democrats have to schedule a Special Meeting (to be announced) to select their 2nd Assembly Nominee.

A date for the special meeting could not be agreed to today.

Regardless of the outcome, if Coursey does not win the Nomination, he is running in a contested June Primary.