So, What’s Going On Here, Anyway?

Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog

The what, why and how of the allegations (in video, above) explained by someone who would know. And (below) some observations.

How did it all happen?

Here’s our theory:

The Trump Tower tapping was concocted by the Obama/Clinton cabal.

They couldn’t get it approved in July so they went back in October and presumably got the go ahead then.

Why did they do it?

They did it because they thought they could. They were heady with the hearty broth of power. Yes, it was the arrogance of power.

Sure, Obama/Clinton fully expected to win the election. They had no doubt about that. It was a forgone conclusion. And all of the entrenched establishment expected them to win easily as well. And that includes federal judges. Understand?

So they had no expectation of ever being caught trying to spy on their opponents because they were surely going to remain in power and this scheme was never going to be revealed, anyway. No one would ever know about it. They’d make sure of that, as they would continue to rule.

But, if he was gonna lose anyway, why were they still after Trump?

Because he was an outsider who dared to lift the curtain on them and their corrupt ways. He wouldn’t play by the rules; he wouldn’t listen to the power brokers; he wouldn’t answer to the funders and the lobbyists and the parasites and the whole crowd that inhabit the swamp known as Washington. And he owed them nothing. Nothing! That was the really scary part.

So, even though they expected to easily vanquish Trump, they still knew he had to be destroyed. He and hie whole empire had to come crashing down. He had to be crushed in a way that would never allow him or anyone like him to ever rise again. And this had to be done not just to get him and his minions out of the way but to teach anyone else who would ever think about rising in this way a lesson he or she would never forget. “We’ll show ’em. No one will ever try this again!”

That was the plan.

But then Trump got elected.

And that’s when the real panic set in.

Because then the Obama/Clinton cabal knew it was only a matter of time before Trump and his people would discover what they had been up to. Indeed, Trump & Co. would, step-by-step come to possess the keys to the doors that unlocked all the secrets.

That left only one alternative: Publicly play nice with Trump and seem cooperative while privately leaking anything they could get on him and his cohorts to the still cooperative (and equally bruised and vengeful) media. And Obama/Clinton could still do this through their own operatives who remained in the government as Democrats continued to stall on key appointments. Muck up the transition and throw everything at him you’ve got and keep it coming. Pile it all on before he finds out about us and what we tried to do to him.

But, time ran out.

And now Trump sees what happened. He knows. He sees what was going on. And, armed with the power of the presidency, he’s beginning to blow their cover.

This is gonna get very, very messy now.

Hold on tight, America!