Jersey City Wants to Give IDs to Illegals

Declaring ‘sanctuary city’ status back in February wasn’t enough for Jersey City.


Next up? On Wednesday night, City Council approved a municipal ID program in a 7-0 vote, mirroring actions taken by other liberal city centers including Newark and Union City. If the plan clears a second upcoming vote, then ANY Jersey City resident age 14 and up can obtain one which would remain valid for a period of two years. Adults will pay $15; children and senior citizens can have one for $7.

The program is galling for a host of reasons, Save Jerseyans, but in light of the ongoing PILOT controversy in Wall Street West? We’ve crossed the line to infuriating.

Jersey City isn’t just doing something wildly unconstitutional.

Jersey City is putting the rest of us on the hook for the inevitable public costs associated with liberal social engineering.

If Chris Christie TRULY wanted to work his way back into the good graces of Republican Primary voters?

Take a quick break from the drug rehabilitation beat and take Jersey City to court.