PETITION DAY: Guadago Says Murph is ‘Overcompensating’ with Sizable Stack of Signatures

What’s politics without a little sharp-ribbing and sexual innuendo, Save Jerseyans?

On Monday, which is petition filing day in New Jersey, presumptive Democrat gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy‘s paid staffers filed 43,042 signatures… almost three times what Chris Christie filed in 2013 (the previous record).

The campaign of GOP front runner Kim Guadagno couldn’t resist.

“After using his Goldman Sachs wealth to buy the loyalty of the Democrat Party establishment, it’s painfully obvious Phil Murphy is overcompensating by paying for these signatures to fake grassroots support,” said the LG in a statement. “Thankfully, he won’t be able to buy the Governor’s Office because New Jerseyans want a leader who will lower property taxes and grow jobs, not brag about who has the bigger stack of signatures.”

He-he…. #PetitionEnvy!

In any event, if you want my not-so-humble opinion, signature totals matter slightly less than lawn signs in the general scheme of things. Never understood the obsession (outside of the Guadagno campaign’s explanation which isn’t too far off the mark). A waste of resources! Resources which could go to actual targeted voter contact rather than a measuring contest.