Abortion industry radicals waylay Schepisi at her district office

Check out what our friend, Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi (R-39), encountered on her way back to her office on Thursday, Save Jerseyans:

So today’s political nonsense. I am in Trenton for a marathon voting session. This morning walking through the corridor of the State House I was approached by a group of people representing Planned Parenthood asking where I stand on women’s health issues. Mind you this is almost a month after I sponsored a bill which specifically provides additional funding for NJ women in the event of any federal cuts to women’s health in NJ. We talked about my positions, the bill I sponsored and my support for women. Never did they mention that later today they had organized a protest at my legislative office (to protest what I have no frigging clue).

Once and for all, as a woman who struggled with infertility, multiple miscarriages and gave birth to my son after multiple heart wrenching rounds of in-vitro while miscarrying his twin at almost 11 weeks – I care about women’s health. As a woman with a grandmother who died of ovarian cancer and a great aunt who died at a young age from breast cancer – I care about women’s health. As a woman who lost a friend too young to breast cancer – I care about women’s health. As a woman who battled melanoma at the age of 25 and a brain aneurysm at the age of 43 I care about women’s health. Anyone who says otherwise is flat out lying.

Schepisi and her running mates are facing a challenge from a trio of far-left female Democrat challengers this November.