Guest Op-Ed: Kim’s been delivering for New Jersey

Kim Guadagno, working mother, has a better connection to everyday New Jersey voters than any other candidate.

She also has more existing relationships with companies trying to stay in New Jerseythan any other candidate. She also has the respect of law enforcement and an ongoing engagement in the treat situation that faces our state that should not be underestimated.

There are lots of issues but the one that touches US ALL is affordability. Taxes are tied to budgets and programs and will require the legislature to untangle.

A governor cannot lower taxes (Sorry Mrs. Whitman, it’s true), but a veto pen can prevent them from being raised. Kim’s the only candidate dedicated to not raising taxes.

Kim has the ability to run an optimistic race based on the sense that people ARE going back to work in NJ and that it’s morning again. We have low unemployment and the largest active workforce in New Jersey history.

Exploiting the problems that won’t be resolved to the satisfaction of the media in the hopes of gaining disgust votes is not a good strategy, regardless of how good any pie in the sky plans might be.

There ARE other issues to discuss, but the fact that our kids see no future and our parent’s can’t afford to stay is what’s common to every person.

Add to that the struggle that we’re all having trying to keep our heads above water and suddenly the real problem is clear – we all need more jobs, money and opportunity.

That’s what Kim was charged with developing and, by all accounts, she’s been very successful.

One person CAN inspire an economy. The rest, really, is up to the legislature. But we’ve seen in recent memory how changing the top executive can trigger optimism and growth.

The flaw of the “business man” race is that you will be comparing successful business people and one has a lot more banked success to refer to and is willing to spend it.

Let’s get politics back to people with whom the voters feel comfortable. Add the fact that they’re talented and committed to making New Jersey livable again is an extra special bonus.

People aren’t looking for more legislation. They’re looking for their families to be happy living and working in New Jersey. Kim’s been delivering that.