Weinberg-style Democrats don’t want ‘clean’ energy; they might want Flintstones cars!

President Barack Obama took a half-hearted approach to tackling the oil-by-rail boom during his years in office, Save Jerseyans, because some BIG money liberals (like Warren Buffett and Tom Steyer) have made fortunes off of the dangerous practice (side note: Obama was a magnet for Big Oil cash).

THAT is why, curiously enough, so many leading “environmental” liberals oppose the comparatively extremely safe pipelines we read about in the news, Keystone XL on down.

Remember… we’d all be DEAD, long ago, if these things were truly time bombs as detractors excitedly insist in their political advertising:

We need one or the other, folks. Or something. Nothing isn’t an acceptable answer.

Until someone smarter than you and me invents those sweet SimCity-style fusion power plants (remember them, fellow children of the 90s???), energy needs to be transported. Of course, we could go nuclear to ease the burden on the existing power infrastructure, and prudently construct more pipelines to channel our country’s historic super-abundance of natural gas, but no solution ever seems good enough to ease the concerns of the radical, far-left, Antifa-loving green Democrats in our midst.

Follow the money.

Then, please, consider where the money will lead: Flintstones cars.

Those clunky, stone-wheeled contraptions from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon universe.

Think about it. This week, right here in the Garden State, Democrat radicals led by Loretta Weinberg (D-Teaneck), a state senator who’s so far left that she’s make Marx blush, rallied against Chris Christie’s recent veto of new oil train regulations.

Okay. But Loretta and her ilk also railed against the Christie Administration’s support for the so-called Pinelands Pipeline, a project of BL England in deep Southern New Jersey.

No nuclear. No coal. No offshore drilling. No on-shore pipelines or rail cars. If anyone ever definitively proves that unicorn farts contribute to the greenhouse effect? We’ll all be huddled under windmills, praying for a stiff breeze and fighting over a single phone charging port.

The Left’s coalition doesn’t have a coherent energy position.

Accept it.

If they succeed at the ballot boxes in 2017, 2018 and 2020? The end result will be peddling up-and-down the Turnpike with our feet, my friends, if we allow these people to control the levers of governmental regulatory authority.

Deep yabba dabba doo-doo.