Could North Korea strike New Jersey? “Maybe” is the best answer.

A successful missile test does NOT equate to sustained capability to strike, Save Jerseyans.

That being said, as the North Korean missile crisis continues to dominate international headlines, experts believe it is now POSSIBLE (“likely” may be a different story) for the rogue pariah state to strike New York City and most of the State of New Jersey based on a July 28th North Korean missile test.

Two weeks ago, an ICBM test launched a missile with a flight time of 47 minutes and a distance of 600 miles. Adjusted to factor in the rotation of the Earth? And flatten out the trajectory? It could go 6,800 miles and reach Boston, New York City, and a significant portion of New Jersey could theoretically be in range.

What we still don’t know: whether the North Koreans have figured out how to turn their long-distance rockets into vessels for nuclear warheads.

Here’s what state-control television released: