AIR WAR: Murphy, RGA launch dueling ads in New Jersey

The air war is on, Save Jerseyans, with the Republican Governors Association (RGA) dropped a brand new television advertisement on  Tuesday targeting Phil Murphy’s minimum wage hypocrisy (the Goldeman Sachs alumnus supports a $15 per hour minimum wage but reportedly pays his campaign staff less than that):


Multi-millionaire Phil Murphy says he’s for a $15 minimum wage.
But he didn’t pay it himself.
Phil Murphy: he’s really loaded, really liberal, and really doesn’t get New Jersey.

“Phil Murphy has made a $15 minimum wage a central platform in his campaign, but was caught paying his own campaign staff less,” said RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson in a statement heralding the new ad’s drop. “Phil Murphy’s ‘do as I say, not as I do’ proves once again that he just doesn’t get New Jersey.”   

It’s the second RGA television buy this month for the New Jersey race.

Not to be out-done, the Murphy campaign went up with its own first general election commercial accusing Guadagno of recycling the unpopular Christie playbook.

The Guadagno campaign responded directly.

“Goldman Sachs Millionaire Phil Murphy’s first TV ad shows he’s from another planet. While Kim Guadagno has pledged to lower property taxes during her first term or not run for a second, Phil Murphy has promised a $1.3 billion tax increase that New Jersey families can’t afford. We already tried the disastrous Murphy tax hike playbook under Jon Corzine, and voters are ready to elect a working mom who will stand up for taxpayers in Trenton,” said Ricky Diaz, the Guadagno spokesman.

This year’s campaigns are off to a slower pace than 2009, the last cycle when there wasn’t an incumbent governor on the ballot; that year, New Jerseyans saw 4,806 television advertisements for Corzine to Christie’s 1,393 ads by September 20th.