Christie deploys N.J. National Guard resources to Irma-targeted Florida

One week after deploying New Jersey National Guard equipment and personnel to assist Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Governor Chris Christie announced on Wednesday afternoon that he is affording similar support to Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma’s anticipated arrival:

The Cape May-based 253rd Transportation Company, veterans of the Iraqi wars and hurricanes Irene and Sandy, is expected tol arrive at Camp Blanding in Central Florida on Friday.

“We are likely sending in excess of 100 soldiers to participate in this emergency response and rescue mission for Hurricane Irma victims in Florida, and beyond the numbers, these are highly experienced and trained men and women who served on the front lines during Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy,” Governor Christie said in a separate statement. “Our thoughts, prayers and necessary available resources are with all of those in Florida who are bracing for impact.”