Here’s how the Giants, Jets and Eagles players behaved this Sunday

The vast majority of New Jersey’s football-watching population is split between three teams: the Philadelphia Eagles (below Trenton), the New York Giants (most of North Jersey), and the New York Jets (for those North Jerseyans who love an underdog or are simply gluttons for punishment).

Unfortunately for all of them?

The National Football League’s tolerance for mass displays of disrespect during the national anthem on Sunday — specifically pertaining to 100+ players who took a knee — has led to call for boycotts of the NFL at a time when ratings were already dipping.

At the beginning of the Giants vs. Eagle game, safety Landon Collins, defensive tackle Damon Harrison and defensive end Olivier Vernon knelt on the New York side of the field.

“I’ve been raised the right way. I know what’s right and what’s wrong. Ain’t nobody ever going to scare me. I don’t care if he’s the president or not. You ain’t my president,” Vernon told reporters after the game, responding to President Donald Trump’s stern admonishment of kneeling NFL players.

Philly’s squad decided to link arms:

The Jets locked arms, too.

Both the Jets and Eagles won their games; the Giants lost to the Eagles following a 60+ yard field goal kick.

In fact, five NFL teams stood without kneelers (Jets, Eagles, Bears, Vikings and Texans) and four of the five were victorious (the Texans fell to the Patriots who weren’t very patriotic today). Karma? You be the judge, Save Jerseyans….

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